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ABC Kids & Animals


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 ABC Kids & Animals 

 Computer-Based, Multimedia, Suitable for 9 Months To 5-Year-Old Kids With A Need To Learn The ABC and Computer Operations Fundamentals 




The English Language Foundation, the ABC, Covered At An Early Age! Makes Writing And Reading A Breeze In College, Later...
Your Child will learn the...
  • ABC
  • Pronunciation!
  • Basic Reading
  • Classification
  • Geography
  • Computer Links
  • Computer Media
  • Mouse Clicks
Hands-on Computer Mouse Operations, Clicks, Media Control, Listening, Repetition, A Virtual Classroom At Home On Your Computer, Laptop, or Tablet, Audio Pronunciation, Reading, 26 Animals With Names Beginning With Letters Of The Alphabet Pictures Featured, an Early Childhood Educational Softwear Tool Your Child Will Use To Lay The English Language Foundation--That'll Make Reading And Writing A Breeze In College, Later...
 Dear Parent(s); 

Would you agree that the investment you make to provide your child's education early, even before kindergarten age, will pay off in the future of the child's life?

It's a universal maxim, a principle of conduct, that parents would do well to lay an early childhood foundation for their children... drive curiosity forward, stimulate creativity, or instill a love for learning...

...which explains why I wrote this letter to you to share an early childhood educational software tool that will sit on your computer, laptop, or tablet, to help you lay your child's English language foundation at an early age.

Your child is well on her way to learn the ABC before preschool age, certainly introduced to the letters before the age of five...
it represents the building blocks of our language, and where literacy starts, with recognizing letters, sounds, as well as the sounds connected with each letter. Enabled with that knowledge, then a child is well on the road to reading and emerging literacy...
Deanna Mascle.

Learning The Alphabet: Why It Is So Important For Children

Yeah! I know. You can view similar material on the internet, and they're free...

Thanks to technology,, for example, shows many videos with millions of views on learning the ABC with traditional songs and other imagery, and a child can control the media.

On the other hand, your child hears the audio, controls the mouse, clicks to skip a page, pause, play, or stop. Fast forward, including all the buttons to repeat the sound of a letter pronounced by a child, a sentence, or a word, read by an adult, with ABC Kids & Animals sitting on your desktop/laptop/tablet.

Mouse repetition that engenders learning the ABC and computing fundamental strongly featured, your child learning the ABC is assured.

It's far superior to similar early childhood educational tool out there, and you don't have to make a huge financial outlay for it.

Your child learning the ABC covered, the idea brings me to the part, where I ask you for leave to introduce myself.

Who Am I?

After I'd earned my BA at Columbia University located in New York City, I taught high school English in New York City public school...

...lementary school in Brookly, NY, where I'd lived, and I was glad because it was in there I taught lesson plans on the earth, it's mantle so hot... to tender, curious, impressionable students.

The elementary school stint lasted for at least one school year, and the following several years, I taught 9th, 10th and 11th grades...

However, it was in Atlanta Public Schools I taught Hyper-Text Markup Language (HTML), fundamental coding.

I like coding, so I created this software, an early childhood education tool repletes with audio, children's adults' voices pronuncing words, letters with sounds, reading that creates a surreal classroom atmosphere of learning on your computer/laptop/tablet.

As learning the ABC is a cerebral, sight and sound activity, learning computing fundamentals is also an intellectual activity that involves retention, sight, storing knowledge into one's 'memory bank.'

Consider your child's 'memory bank' full of letters and sounds, being nurtured to store important information at this tender age, that ideally has to be nurtured for awhile by some adult convicted of the need to learn the ABC...

...and you'll also recognize that this software does nurture your child's 'memory bank' with its multimedia features, encourages your child to exercise sight for the letters, listening, emersed in cognitive, brain processing activity... and in addition to that, its...

...computing fundamentals include...

  • Recognition and identifying objects
  • Actively clicking on links (big in computing)
  • Mouse point and curser
  • Media control
  • Buttons: Back, Next, Stop, Play, Pause, Fastforward
  • Close

...all features of computing activities and potential creativity...

Would you agree that your child embracing technology indicates it's more likely learning on a wider scale to discover stories, encourages reading, writing, or research curiosity?

The answer is obvious because...

E-Learning in School is Rising

More and more, our education systems continue to show a growing need for e-learning to supplement the days dangerous weather, or some other problem, like sewage backing up into classrooms, that often closes school doors.

Janel Davis, a reporter for The Atlanta Journal Constitution, reported in 2015 that "...when the weather gets bad and schools close, the learning turns online with many systems providing students with some type of instruction to supplement the missed classroom time."

Think of that for a moment...

...the conclusion is that students will have to learn how to operate the computer to complete school assignments, when the schools are increasingly relying on them to keep students busy at home...

...and since the weather is driving that trend, isn't it a wise move to encourage your child to learn computer operations fundamentals, such as mouse movements, point and click? Absolutely!

With this superior educational tool, your child will certainly learn the ABC, while using a mouse to control the media, click 'Back,' 'Next,' 'Stop,' 'Pause,' or 'Play,' buttons in the learning process.

Your child learning the ABC at her/his own pace, by repetition, as needed, is a wonderful headstart in computer learning direction.

The Kindergarten Years

The government wants you, and many parents believed, to send your kids to kindergarten, but some parents are saying, "No!" Some parents have a lot to fear in many government-run schools.

Home-schooling kids seems preferable to sending them in these buildings crammed with other kids carrying diseases, guns, or drugs, to school, and nothing, but trouble. You'll agree that the government means well in providing your child's educational needs, but in our world, one person's ability to make life miserable for many is astounding... You've got to protect your kids. can tell by kindergarten-age whether children are likely to have trouble with reading. "Can they hear rhyming words? Do they know that squiggles on a page stand for sounds when they talk?" These are key pre-reading skills that lay the foundation for reading.
Pat Wolfe, EdD.

Education consultant, former teacher, and author of Building the Reading Brain.
When kids learn reading: Milestones that matter

For the many days, when schools are safe, in which the ABC is taught in kindergarten, where yours attends, it's likely that your child will have an edge above the other kids...

...who'd probably even become bored with the slowness fatigue in there--slow students trying to catch up and the teacher dumbing down the lessons...

Parents deserve better; even their children skipping a class is not out of the question...

...nor is it farfetched to think that this educational software tool below will facilitate skipping a class...

With no other educational tool like it on the market comparable to it... easy for a child to operate...

... you will not find a more suitable educational tool to help your child learn the ABC and computer fundamentals.

The child clicking buttons to view a different page, or play the audio, this learning tool plays a big roll to reinforce hearing, listening, or retention.

The wonderful animals featured and page layout make Learning the ABC fun.

Computing fundamentals covered before the little one enters kindergarten.

It Makes Writing And Reading A Breeze In College, Later

The software facilitates your child in learning the ABC, which can be considered as a preperation set in motion early in the child's life, who's expected to enter elementary, middle and high school, and hopefully onto college.

Accommodation, in my view, should be set aside for those who don't go. On the other hand, most parents expect their child to take a college entrance exam sooner, or later, after high school.

Having laid the English language foundation early, your child builds upon that foundation in elementary, middle and high school, and later on in college.

The likelihood your child will do well in college is stronger because you'd already set in motion the learning process early in the the child's life, who's expected to write well, communicate with others, express thoughts in sentences and paragraphs, read to retain information, listen to understand information, news, in college and beyond...

Children... who learn their ABC's before they begin to attend Kindergarten have a jumpstart in school for success throughout their educational life. The ABC's (alphabets) are the fundamental building blocks of learning for the very young children preparing themselves to get their feet wet in the pool of education. This simple alphabets or ABC learning process will make this much required and essential information go smoothly for children and their parents.
The AllSchoolStuff BLOG

...but even before elementary school, a meeting with the letters of the English alphabet made up of consonants and vowels is required. Elementary school follows that period.

Each letter has its own distinctive sound, which should remain with him in college.

Excluding computing in college, which is heavily relied upon to complete tasks... that investment you had made so long ago is still in effect, as your child enters college...

English 1101 is a breeze because your child's already laid the foundation with an early childhood tool, like the one below.

Ultimately graduating with a degree is the expectation you'd nurture in your child, and earning money to repay you, too... This does happen...

Think about your child's growing ability to read complex reports and write his term paper with the research gathered.

Have you thought that far about your child's education?

It's not only in high school you should think, but beyond high school to college and beyond...

Consequently, early preparation is the key to lay your child's English language foundation...

Help prepare your child for college and a wonderful educational experience...

...that pays dividens, later on...

How Much Does It Cost?

You might be asking, how much does it cost?

With so much value attached ot it, I'm sure you'd agree that its overall benefit outweights it's cost... which can be projected to about a measely $0.5 per day.

There's a purpose and educational value attached to it: the reality of you laying the English language foundation early...

Your child learning the ABC and computing at the same time will drive communication with others forward, empower confidence...

The extent to which you're establishing a major part of your child's character with an early childhood educational software tool, like this, is far-outweigh its cost, for it greatly benefits your child immediately and in the future...'s alright to spend a tiny sum of money to establish a foundation of learning...

...for this early childhood educational software tool doesn't cost you a lot...

How many non-educational stuffs have you spent your money on with less value and still gone ahead and spent money on them, anyway?

Alternatively, if you've done that, why not spend a small sun of money on this valuable early childhood educational software tool that facilitates the laying of your child English language foundation, the ABC, and computing fundamentals?

That makes sense; you won't lose; both you and your child will benefit!

This early childhood edcuational software tool won't even cost you  $67 or  $37.

ABC Kids & Animals costs just $7 ... for a limited time...

Download the full version, now, before   when there's no guarantee the very low, low price of $7 will not certainly go up.

Gain the good feeling, or satisfaction, you'll get in knowing that you've provided your child's early childhood English language education, or a relative's early English language education...

...including the stride your child will make in elementary, middle, high school and college.

Just click the button below to get instant access!

Thank you.

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P.S. I'm so confident that your child will learn the ABC and Computing fundamentals that I'll allow you to download a Preview version to test it out, first.


Some mothers, who've reviewed the full version, said:
While I was driving on the highway, my daughter, just out of thre blue, asked me,
"Mommy, when do we go back home?"
"Soon. Why?" I said.
" 'cause I want to learn the ABC."
"My daughter loves it!"

Beckey, Atlanta, GA
"It's suitable for a 1 year old... My son loves the animals; he loves it. colorful."

Amarosa, Atlanta, GA
My son loves it. It speaks to him...

Rocky, Atlanta, GA
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